I believe we need to expand upon our “pollinator-friendly” policies throughout the city.  We currently spend a lot of time, energy, and money maintaining boundary areas that would be better served as native plant areas.  This summer alone the parks department has shelved other projects due to the need to keep up with mowing.  I propose replacing the grass in under/non-used boundary areas (around ponds, woods, etc.) with native grasses and flowers.  They are aesthetically pleasing, they are lower maintenance, and they work as better filtration systems for our nearby ponds/marshes due to their extensive root systems.  As it stands now, much of the chemicals that are sprayed on the fields around the city are finding their way quite easily into the aforementioned waters, thus aiding in algae blooms.

Additionally, I will propose a special permit for people who would like to care for honeybees within the city limits.  This will entail getting consent from neighbors and special guidelines for hive placement.  I feel strongly that our futures are indelibly tied to the humble honeybee as they help to sustain our food supply through their pollination efforts.  Moreover, they provide benefits to flower gardens and area plantings which only help to enhance the aesthetics of the community.